C litter    


Je-kill dei Due Laghi
ZTP 1A SG, in preparation for BH and IPO I
Always excellent on shows, comes out of beauty and working lines.

HD B / PHTVL/PHPV free / Dilute D
D/ Cardio tested 2015

8 puppies born, 1 brown 7 black
1 brown male, 6 black males, 1 black female
Date of Birth: 2015-08-14


Gravin Bellatrix v. Neęrlands Stam
BH, V rated on shows, comes out of beauty and working

HD A Germany/ PHTVL/PHPV / vWD  / Dilute free

B litter    


BISS. WCh. MCh. Enzo van de Donauhoeve
ZTP 1A U, Belgian ZTP 1A U, TST, BH, IPO I


3 puppys born, all black
1 female, 2 males
Date of Birth: 2012-08-10

   Emerald Sword of Defense Thorwald della Favola
   HD B, PHTVL/PHPV free, VWD free, Dilute free



Gravin Bellatrix Belgique van Neęrlands Stam


Graaf Berserk Bjork  van Neęrlands Stam


Graaf Blindguardian van Neęrlands Stam



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