"van Neêrlands Stam" is breeding with dedication and succes since 70 years ago high quality Dobermanns.
Our Dobermanns are well known for their "nobility" and their excellent character, health and conformation.
You will find our Dobermanns in every part of the world.

"van Neêrlands Stam" carried off many National and International prices but the kennel takes his eternal glory by winning the 100 years Jubilee DV show at Garmisch Parthenkirchen in 1999 with Graaf Zeppelin van Neêrlands Stam.


We are producing this wonderful breed out of hobby but with everlasting dedication, love and passion; our inspirational slogan is
“quality, not quantity”, it means that we breed in a professional way only a few litters (two or three) per year, because the Dobermann deserves our 100% support and
faithfulness from genetical mating to growing puppies to teaching our dogs how to behave and handle.

Our aim is to breed our dogs with a correct character and excellent form and, most of all, as free as possible for congenital defects and genetical diseases.

The Dobermann is a wonderful creature and it should be an honour for every responsible breeder to pay a tribute to the ongoing development of this breed. Especially in this moment, when the breed is threatened due to the several laws concerning docking and cropping, the breed needs right now the loyalty and dedication of the real lovers and fanciers. It’s outlook may change, but the inside will always be the same: "it doesn’t matter how the Dobermann will develop in the future, despite all, he always likes to be your friend and life companion".

The founder of the "van Neêrlands Stam" kennel, Mrs V. Knijff-Dermout, was an outstanding person with a strong character; she wonderfully breeded Dobermanns for decades with immense knowledge and ability. She started to breed for the first time Dobermanns in Holland and began to spread the fame of the kennel internationally.

After Mrs. Knijff-Dermout, Mr H. van der Zwan took the kennel to the next level, he improved and continued the kennel heritage, increasing the beauty and the purity of the modern era Dobermanns, winning every prize possible and available in the Dobermann’s world.

Thanks to these immense predecessors, the "van Neêrlands Stam" name is currently one the most well known kennels all over the world.

The third generation breeder is now Miss. Federica Dellachà, from Italy; after Mr. Han van der Zwan decided to stop with breeding she became the new owner of the kennel to persue her passion and knowledge for the Dobermanns, continuing the tradition and the bloodlines in the new era of the uncropped and undocked dogs.

Photographic History Males

Graaf Dagobert v. Neêrlands Stam Graaf Iskander v. Neêrlands Stam Graaf Gento v. Neêrlands Stam Graaf Questor v. Neêrlands Stam
Graaf Aristo v. Neêrlands Stam Graaf Igon v. Neêrlands Stam Graaf Quinto v. Neêrlands Stam Graaf Quirinus v. Neêrlands Stam
Graaf Edo v. Neêrlands Stam Graaf Festus v. Neêrlands Stam Graaf Mauro v. Neêrlands Stam Graaf Quinton v. Neêrlands Stam
Graaf Vito v. Neêrlands Stam Graaf Zeppelin v. Neêrlands Stam Graaf Genghis v. Neêrlands Stam Graaf Humphrey v. Neêrlands Stam

Photographic History Females

Roeanka v. Rhederveld Gravin Diana v. Neêrlands Stam Gravin Roeanka v. Neêrlands Stam Gravin Arianne v. Neêrlands Stam
Gravin Faby v. Neêrlands Stam Gravin Jorinda v. Neêrlands Stam Gravin Nancy v. Neêrlands Stam Gravin Wietske v. Neêrlands Stam
Gravin Aranka v. Neêrlands Stam Gravin Hera v. Neêrlands Stam Gravin Wanda v. Neêrlands Stam Gravin Beauty v. Neêrlands Stam
Gravin Nora v. Neêrlands Stam Gravin Dea v. Neêrlands Stam Dea Dolores v. Franckenhorst Gravin Onyx v. Neêrlands Stam
Gravin Uline v. Neêrlands Stam Gravin Unita v. Neêrlands Stam Gravin Isis v. Neêrlands Stam Gravin Vanity Fay v. Neêrlands Stam
Gravin Tara Joyce v. Neêrlands Stam Nemesis Gadis Gravin Esri Evita v. Neêrlands Stam Gravin Esmee v. Neêrlands Stam
Gravin Hydra v. Neêrlands Stam Gravin Ives v. Neêrlands Stam Gravin Luna v. Neêrlands Stam  

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